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Thermal monocular cameras

HIKMICRO Lynx LC06 Thermal Monocular
HIKMICRO Lynx LC06 Thermal Monocular

Our range of thermal monocular cameras have an infrared detector and an LCOS display.

The Lynx series boasts features such as on-board recording, WiFi streaming, a HD OLED display screen.

The high-sensitivity built-in thermal detector provides a clear view even in total darkness and is a perfect tool for law enforcement, border patrol, security and hunting.

Visit our online store to see available models.


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rescueME PLB and MOB1 battery replacement information

If your PLB1 or MOB1 battery has expired we can replace it.

Expiry date is visible in the small window on top of the PLB1.

All Sat are the only authorised battery replacement centre in Australia and they must be returned to us.

The PLB1 has a specific battery pack. We also have the specific tools and manufacturers accredited training to ensure the unit complies with manufactures & international specifications. And, after all your life may depend on it and we want to make sure it will work correctly!

This service includes:

  • Device inspection
  • New 7 year battery installed
  • New seals and resealing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Function test and software update
  • Return delivery.

The replacement cost is $199 inc GST.

You just need to send it to us at:

All Sat Communications
Warehouse 18 / 111 Lewis Rd
Wantirna Sth Vic 3152

Include your name, email, contact number and return address.

OR download and fill out [this form], email it to Or send it with your PLB1 or MOB1

Once we receive your device it is logged into our system and will be processed in the order that it is received.

When we replace your battery we will send through an invoice for payment.

The turnaround is approximately usually 2- 3 weeks. This can be longer if are waiting on more batteries from Ocean Signal in the UK and need to catch up.

If you need your PLB1 in the coming weeks then it may be best to hold onto it and send it when you have a break from needing it.

Note that a device past the expired date should still work. You can perform the test as per the user manual to confirm it is operational then you will still be rescued if needed.