Throwraft Original (TD2401)

The world”s first U.S. Coast Guard approved inflatable throwable rescue flotation device.

Space is at a premium on vessels, aircraft and vehicles. The small, compact footprint of the Throwraft allows for more life-saving devices to be on-board at all times. Optimal for openwater and swiftwater rescues.

  • Designed to save space, created to save lives.
  • Stress tested with over 35 rigorous U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) quality and safety tests.
  • The ThrowRaft is continually tested to achieve and maintain USCG approval. Each device exceeds USCG requirements.
  • Built To Last: The most reliable safety device you hope to never have to use. Made with the highest quality materials in the USA.
  • Advanced Safety: Auto inflates in the water and can be re-packed and re-armed. Highly visible in search and rescue situations.
  • Compact Design: Fits almost anywhere, in a backpack or ditch bag. 9x smaller than the ring buoy, 5x smaller than the square cushion.

Key features

  • Compact – fits almost anywhere in a custom Mounting Case or on its own
  • 9x smaller than the ring buoy
  • 5x smaller than the square cushion
  • Can be thrown 40+ feet
  • Inflates manually or when submerged underwater
  • High visibility in search and rescue situations
  • SOLAS reflective tape
  • Easily repacked and recharged using a standard PFD re-arming kit
  • Meets recreational Type IV carriage requirements
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved with over 35 rigorous tests
  • Made in the USA

All Sat Communications is the Australian distributor for throwraft.