About Us

Established in 2000, All Sat Communications, is the distributor of the rescueME, SPOT® , RAM Mounts and Digital Yacht in Australia.

We specialise in Satellite Safety & Communications products and accessories. We have a range of high quality safety products with market leading features. These include satellite phones, satellite data and asset tracking which are suitable for Land, Sea and Air applications.

We distribute to retail stores, Government & corporate customers.

Our staff have an extensive background in the outdoor, rescue, marine, transport and defence industries and can provide expert advice for your remote communications needs.  We are committed to providing excellent customer service and back up support for the products we sell.

We are the Australian distributor for products including:

  • Ocean Signal rescueME range – Personal Locator Beacons, EPIRB1, Man Overboard & Electronic Distress Flare
  • Ocean Signal SafeSea range – Category 1 & 2 EPIRB’s & SART
  • ACR Personal Locator Beacons, IR, Strobe and Lighting range
  • SPOT Gen 4 – Personal Satellite Communicator
  • SPOT X – 2 way Personal Satellite Communicator
  • SPOT Trace – Satellite Asset tracker
  • PowerVision – Water and Aerial drones
  • ECHOMAX – Passive & Active Radar Reflectors
  • ThrowRaft – The world’s first inflatable Throwable Type IV PFD – Approved by the US Coast Guard
  • Digital Yacht – AIS / Wi-Fi equipment
  • RAM Mounts – Mounting solutions for tablets, phones, computer equipment & monitors.
  • Seahorse protective Cases – Waterproof & Crushproof storage cases
  • Satellite phones, connections, tracking and data solutions – Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya & Globalstar


  • Industry leader for expertise and knowledge in satellite communications
  • Major distributor of satellite safety, voice, tracking and data products in Australia
  • Distributor of a large range of RAM Mounts suitable for mounting electronic and other equipment in vehicles, vessels and aircraft in all environments


  • The rescueME range of satellite safety products are the smallest available in the world
  • Products use the latest available technology
  • Time critical supply of parts and products
  • We warehouse stock and parts for products in Australia
  • Work with our manufacturers to ensure customer requirements are fulfilled
  • Have extensive background in the Search and Rescue, Defence and Marine industries
  • Established in 2000

Key customers

  • Border Force Australia
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
  • Victoria Police
  • Queensland Police
  • Northern Territory Police
  • Australian Volunteer Coastguard (Victoria and South australia)
  • Air Ambulance Victoria
  • Fisheries Queensland
  • Fisheries Victoria
  • Tasco Petroleum

Key partnerships

  • Ocean Signal UK – rescueME / SafeSea
  • National Products Inc USA – RAM Mounts
  • Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases
  • Digital Yacht UK
  • EchoMax UK – Radar Reflectors
  • Pivotel Satellite
  • Reconyx

Quality accreditations and awards

2008 – Obtained Australian Distributorship for the SPOT Satellite Messenger
2014 – Selected as Exclusive Australian Distributor for the Ocean Signal rescueME Range
2014 – Ocean Signal Service Technician Accreditation