ResQFlare provides 360° visibility for over 6 miles


  • No expiration date
  • Family safe (no burning flame)
  • Easy to operate (so even your kids and first-time boaters can operate it in the event of an emergency)
  • No issues with the existing stringent mandatory disposal requirements for pyrotechnic flares (legally considered as hazardous materials)
  • Waterproof and Buoyant
  • C Cell Alkaline Batteries (x2) (Not Included)
  • High Efficiency 0.5W LED (x7)
  • Inherently Buoyant 
  • Replace Batteries Annually

The ACR ResQFlare is a high-intensity LED Electronic Distress Boat Flare.  The ResQFlare provides 360° visibility for over 6 miles and its efficient design allows for substantial operational life (+20 Hour burn time), drastically increasing your chances of survival and rescue.

User-replaceable battery power source (2 C Batteries), the ResQFlare provides years of service. Lightweight and compact in size, it also automatically rights itself and floats when in the water (no buoyancy/flotation ring necessary). The high intensity LED strobe maintains a minimum peak equivalent fixed intensity of 75 cd for 20 hours or greater (room temperature). Waterproof (IP67) with a durable design: Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Fungus-resistant, & Corrosion resistant. Visible over 6 miles.

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