Ocean Signal

The Ocean Signal range of safety products provides both recreational and commercial mariners with simple to use, compact and affordable lifesaving solutions

Ocean Signal is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Satellite and Terrestrial Emergency Rescue Beacons based upon VHF/UHF, Iridium, DSC, AIS, GNSS and battery technologies. Supplying products throughout the world to four main markets: Commercial Marine, Leisure Marine, Governmental/Military and Land/Recreational.

Ocean Signal products are:


  • EPIRB1  – manual activation with GPS
  • PLB1 – personal locator beacon with GPS
  • MOB1 – AIS/DSC man overboard for any vessel
  • EDF1 – Electronic distress flare
  • PLB3 – Personal Locator Beacon with AIS, RLS, and NFC



  • Gen 4
  • Gen 3
  • Spot X
  • Spot Trace

All Sat Communications provides satellite phones on all 4 consumer satellite networks.

  • Hemilight ™3
  • C-Strobe ™
  • C-Strobe ™H2O
  • Firefly PRO SOLAS
  • Firefly PRO WATERBUG
  • RCL-75 Searchlight

Rugged and versatile mounting solutions for nearly any application and device

Navigation, communication and entertainment systems for yachts

Radar reflectors

Throwable rescue flotation device

Powervision drones and AI cameras

Wateproof, airtight and dustproof protective cases for storage and transit